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What is organic wine?

Organic wine – it’s the best form of wine available today. Organic wine has been made with organic grapes grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides. The result – clearer, brighter, fruiter wines with strong regional characteristics. The magic also happens in the winery with the winemaker and we’re lucky we have one of Australia’s most talented winemakers who is at the forefront of organic winemaking.

Just remember, a true organic wine must be certified organic so double check the back label to ensure the wine has been certified using a recognised certifying body. This will ensure that the grapes comply with strict growing standards and that you’re drinking a true organic wine.

We’re fortunate enough to be growing up in a society that is becoming more health conscious and more aware of the toxic chemicals on our everyday food. I for one, have eliminated so many of these chemicals in my home and from my everyday groceries for my family. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be doing the same when it comes to your choice of wine. If you had a choice over buying a bunch of organic or chemically-sprayed grapes for the same price, wouldn’t you choose organic? Why should it be any different with your choice of wine?.