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Why we converted to organic farming

Our family has been living on the land for over 45 years. We’re up to our 4th generation now and the soils are better than ever before. Imagine if we continue to do what we’re doing, how good the soils will be in years to come? 

We believe that organic farming is the way of the future. It works in harmony with nature not against it. In order to maintain healthy soils and continue farming through generations, we must respect our land and nurture our soil. This way, the end product is of a high standard and is much better for you!

It’s not only our wines that have benefited from this, but our young families and the environment. We live where we farm and the health and well-being of our families is our number one priority.

In order to be certified organic, the vineyard went through a 3-year conversion process and it wasn’t until the 4th year that we were allowed to be known as organic. This ensures that the soils are clear of any unwanted inputs. It was tough at some points. When you’ve been farming conventionally for 30 years, it’s really the only way you know how to farm, but with lots of education and modern organic farming techniques, we got there and now we couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved. Our wines are so much more cleaner, fruiter and tasteful than ever before.