Cabernet Sauvignon

Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

Deep red with a vibrant purple hue, this Cabernet Sauvignon is fruity with distinctive rich aromas of dark black berry and cassis flavours. Aged in older French oak, it leaves a well-balanced palate and lingering finish. Best served with lamb dishes.

Suitable for Vegans

Region: South Australia
Available vintages: 2015
Serving Suggestions: Hearty beef stew, duck, lamb, roast chicken, creamy sauces, pepper crusted tuna steaks, mushrooms.

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Organic Shiraz

An intense, fruity red wine deep in colour, this Shiraz displays typical flavours of classic black berry and spice on the palate. A full bodied, balanced wine aged in older French oak, it is best served with roasted meat, vegetables and blue cheeses.

Suitable for Vegans

Region: South Australia
Av. vintages: 2011,2012,2014
Serving Suggestions: Grilled lamb, beef stew, spicy sauces, roast duck with plum sauce.

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Organic Nerlot

This Merlot is medium to full bodied and deep purple in colour. It opens with a nose full of lifted black cherry and plum. Aged in older French oak, this is a delicious fruity wine, best served with herbed chicken or rich pasta sauces.

Suitable for Vegans

Region: South Australia
Available vintages: 2015
Serving Suggestions: Barbequed meats, lamb shanks, game casseroles, ratatouille, mature cheese.

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Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

This is a delightful preservative free, organic Sauvignon Blanc. It shows fresh, vibrant grassy aromas on the nose with hints of kiwifruit and citrus. Pale green in colour, it has lovely fruit flavours with a fine balanced acidity and a long finish. Best served chilled.

Suitable for Vegans

Region: South Australia
Available vintages: 2017
Serving Suggestions: Goats cheese, seafood and Asian dishes.

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Our Organic Wines

Organic wine is made from organically farmed grapes grown free of fertilisers, pesticides and synthetic chemicals. Over time, these farming inputs can be detrimental to the soil, planet and the wine drinker. Organic wine is produced without these harmful ingredients that are typically evident in conventional wines as residue. Only small amounts of sulphar is used in the wine making process to prevent spoilage, almost 4 times less than a conventional bottle!


  • 2013 Shiraz - 3 Stars ~ Winestate Magazine 2015 Best Value Buys
  • 3 Stars ~ Winestate Magazine 2015 World’s Greatest Shiraz Challenge
  • 2013 Merlot - Bronze Medal. ~ Sydney Royal Wine Show 2015
  • Silver Medal ~ Melbourne International Beverage Competition 2015


  • 2011 Shiraz - Deep purple-crimson; how much of the depth of colour and flavour is due to certified organic vineyards and how much to sophisticated winemaking, I simply don’t know; the wine is full-bodied, with black fruits on the palate, it’s Achilles heel the relatively short finish. A great horse so don’t look it in the mouth.
    ~ (88 Points) James Halliday
  • 2005 Merlot - An attractive, medium-bodied wine with clearly expressed varietal fruit, the savoury/olive notes balanced by sweeter redcurrant fruit. A triumph for the region
    ~ (89 Points) James Halliday

Vegan wines

Pure Vision organic wines are 100% vegan but it’s good to know that not all organic wines are so read on…

Wine clarification and stabilisation is the process of removing insoluble matter from the wine before it is bottled. This mater may include bacteria, yeasts, proteins, grape skin, pulp and stems. Wine goes through a fining process whereby a fining agent is added to create an absorbent bond with the particles.

Organic compounds are often used as fining agents which can be concerning for vegans so it is important to read the back label carefully. Quite often, egg whites, casein (derived from milk), gelatin and isinglass (derived from fish) are used to bond with the insoluble substances in the wine and carry them to the bottom, leaving the wine free of any cloudiness. Only minute traces of the agents remain in the wine after the fining process, however we believe it is the consumers right to know before they purchase.

If you suffer from allergies or lead a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle then please read the back of each wine label carefully.

Please contact our team if you require further details

Preservative Free Wines

Preservative free wines are produced without the use of preservatives such as Sulphar Dioxide (preservative 220), potassium metabisulphite (preservative 224) and ascorbic acid (preservative 300). Sulphar Dioxide is the most common preservative used to protect against oxidation and bacterial spoilage. Some consumers who have Sulphar allergies are encouraged to try preservative free wines such as our new addition, our 2017 Organic and Preservative Free Sauvignon Blanc!

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Pure Vision is a South Australian owned organic wine company offering premium organic wines made from organic grapes. Our grapes are grown free from synthetic chemicals and fertilisers resulting in great tasting wine!

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