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Ken Carypidis Pure Vision Wines

Ken Carypidis

Ken has over 40 years of experience in the vineyard. He is passionate about sustainable farming and brings to the table, extensive knowledge when it comes to organic farming practices. He is a visionary and has always looked to the future to create the best for his farm and family.

Chris Carypidis Pure Vision Wines

Chris Carypidis

Chris’ meticulous planning and passion for organic farming has contributed to the success of the Pure Vision brand. This uncompromising attention to detail has been a formidable asset in ensuring the highest standards for our organic certification.

Joanne Irvine Pure Vision Wines

Joanne Irvine

Joanne is responsible for producing our award-winning Pure Vision wines. The daughter of the well renowned “Merlot Master” Jim Irvine, graduated with Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Oenology) in 2000. Following this, she trained and worked in the Barossa and California. Her career has seen her receive many an award and accolade as a successful winemaker, and she now heads up our winemaking team.

Jackie Amos

Jackie takes care of the local and export sales and the marketing side of the business. She has over 15 years’ experience in marketing, having worked locally and in the UK for wine agencies.

Teresa Trimboli Pure Vision Wines

Teresa Trimboli

Teresa oversees day-to-day operations within the company, and is responsible for coordinating the labelling, bottling and delivery of our wines to stores within Australia and to our overseas customers. Her penchant for organisation means she does not miss a thing.

Natalie Almond Pure Vision Wines

Natalie Almond

Natalie is in charge of our Administration & Accounts team, and also works closely with our Marketing team by supporting their tasting events, wine exhibitions and social media projects.

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